About Our Dues

A brief note about Awana’s optional dues.  Did you know they help…

Families at MABC.
Our sister clubs around the globe.
Pay for end of year awards.

Families can choose to pay dues once a month or annually.  The monthly amount is $5.00, paid the first night of the month. The annual amount varies by number of children in a family.

Annual dues for one child: $40.00
For 2: $70.00
For 3: $95.00
For 4 or more: $130.00

At no time should dues be a financial burden to any family. If you learn of a family who needs help with dues, let us know.

But the flip-side of the equation is also important. We can’t let our ministry be a financial burden to our church family.  That’s why the dues amounts have been raised oh-so-slightly.

Please watch a one-minute video about Awana and how your offerings help at home and abroad.

We greatly appreciate your generosity.  We know everybody’s stretched financially these days.  Every nickle you give is helpful.


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